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Google selects 16 Brazilian news outlets for journalism startup accelerator program

"Google announced the 16 news companies selected to participate in the second edition of GNI Startups Lab, the acceleration program focused on journalism and developed by the company in partnership with Ajor and Echos, desirable futures lab. In its second Brazilian edition, the program proposes to help start-ups in the news industry to innovate and […]

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Agência Pública from Brazil launches book with behind-the-scenes stories from its 10 years of investigative journalism

“In late 2010, Wikileaks shocked the world with the release of Cablegate, the leak of thousands of telegrams exchanged between the United States and its embassies around the world that laid bare international diplomacy, revealing the true interests of the US government and other countries. Among the journalists who participated in this gigantic scoop was […]

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Pública launches English newsletter for international journalists covering Brazil

"Agência Pública, Brazil’s first investigative journalism agency, launched today (19/07) 'Investigating Brazil', an English-language newsletter aimed at international media outlets and journalists covering Brazil. This biweekly newsletter will offer summaries of exclusive, in-depth, and on-the-ground investigations produced by a team of experienced Brazilian journalists devoted to uncovering stories about the abuses of power in government, […]

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Digital journalism reduces incidence of news deserts in Brazil

"The emergence of small digital initiatives in Brazil in recent years has helped to fill spaces lacking the presence of local journalism, the so-called news deserts, as the number of print outlets has shrunk significantly, according to the most recent survey by Atlas da Notícia (News Atlas). All regions recorded 1. a decrease in total […]

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The thousands of stories of Latin America play here: Radio Ambulante turns ten

“The podcast devised by journalists Carolina Guerrero and Daniel Alarcón tells everyday stories from Mexico to Argentina. [...] ‘Latin Americans, although this is how migrants are seen in the United States, we are not a community as such. An anti-Chavista Venezuelan in Miami and a Chicano activist in Phoenix have nothing in common. That they […]

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Spain's elDiario.es launches a sister publication in Argentina

“In December elDiarioAR will be born, a new media outlet based in Buenos Aires, which will provide elDiario.es with first-hand information on Argentina and Latin America. […] The entire staff of elDiarioAR is Argentine. The project is promoted, formed and led by Argentine journalists, who share our principles and a way of understanding the profession. […]