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In Mexico, official advertising continues to be exercised under discretionary practices and without due transparency: Article 19

"Analysis of the final expenditure on official advertising for the year 2020, obtained through the Social Communication System (COMSOC, for its acronym in Spanish) belonging to the Ministry of Public Administration, indicates that 2,248 million pesos were exercised, out of a total of 2,452 million approved for that fiscal year. This means that the federal […]

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In the midst of a press crisis, Venezuela reinvents itself to smell like a newspaper again

"The disappearance of print media in Venezuela, as a result of the crisis, has led publishers to reinvent themselves to go back to their origins and recover the smell of ink and paper of yesteryear, from the hand of the 'town crier,' as the traditional newspaper delivery man is known in the country. Starting on […]

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In these Latin American newsrooms, remote work is here to stay

"Several Latin American media organizations are undergoing major, permanent workplace transformations. Even though these newsrooms are in different countries, each with their own cultural, social and political contexts, some common trends are emerging. First, the economic impacts and restrictions caused by the pandemic accelerated, or in some cases caused, newsrooms to adopt a hybrid model […]