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Judge censors The Intercept Brazil story about murdered activists

"Judge George Alves de Assis, of the [Brazilian state of] Bahia's Court of Justice, ordered on Thursday (Sept. 14) the removal of a report published by The Intercept Brasil about the struggle of quilombo leaders [descendants of emancipated slave communities] Mãe Bernadete and her son, Binho. [...] In the censored report, The Intercept Brasil provided context […]

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Nicaragua: Journalist arrested for covering Catholic Church march sentenced to eight years in prison

"Nicaraguan journalist Víctor Ticay, arrested during Holy Week after covering a religious activity of the Catholic Church, was sentenced to eight years in prison, family sources told Voice of America who in turn asked not to be identified. Ticay was convicted of treason and false news. For the first charge, the reporter was sentenced to […]

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Congresso em Foco news site withdraws interview of former wife of Brazil's congressman, following a court order

"Judge Jayder Ramos de Araújo, of the 10th Civil Court of Brasilia, ordered the removal of an interview with Julyenne Lins Rocha, ex-wife of the House of Representatives president, Congressman Arthur Lira, by [news website] Congresso em Foco. The decision, which was issued as a preliminary injunction, was in response to a request by Lira […]

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Brazilian congressman requests the removal of articles and interviews from YouTube that report on alleged corruption cases

"The speaker of the [Brazilian] House of Representatives, Deputy Arthur Lira (PP-AL party), filed a lawsuit before the 24th Civil Court of Brasília to remove YouTube videos from the ICL Notícias program, which contains articles, interviews and critical comments against him. The lawsuit mainly refers to content published on June 6, with comments on the […]

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Journalists in the department of Colón, Honduras, denounce working under censorship by criminal groups

"Journalists from Colón reported to the Committee for Free Expression that on several occasions they have had information deleted from their news outlets, after calls or messages warned them about certain people's discomfort with news they broadcast. According to the version of journalists whose names are withheld for security reasons, the last incident was reported […]

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Contracts of journalists considered critical of the government are not renewed by Peruvian public broadcasting network

"Without any explanation, the National Institute of Radio and Television of Peru (IRTP, by its Spanish acronym) decided on Wednesday [June 28, 2023] not to renew the work contracts of journalists Ximena Carrasco and Jorge Ballón. Ximena Carrasco said to La República newspaper that her contract was about to expire, so the managing editor requested […]

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Newly created official commission against disinformation in Chile raises concerns about possible censorship attempts

"The Inter American Press Association (SIP) expressed its concern about the decision of the Government of Chile to create an official commission to combat disinformation, warning it 'could fall into the temptation of establishing censorship mechanisms.' On June 20, the Official Gazette published the decree to create an Advisory Commission against Disinformation within the Ministry […]

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Judge censors The Intercept Brasil series on Parental Alienation Law, which separates women from their children

News site The Intercept Brasil faces a controversial court ruling this week that raises concerns about freedom of expression and press freedom in Brazil. Judge Flávia Gonçalves Moraes Bruno, from the 14th Civil Court of the Judicial District of Rio de Janeiro, ordered The Intercept to remove the entire series entitled "Em nome dos pais" […]

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Accusations of Russian Embassy in Colombia against W Radio threaten freedom of expression, Prisa Media says

"Prisa Media [...] expressed Friday [May 26] its rejection to a press release in which the Russian Embassy in Colombia accuses W Radio for not 'drawing a clear line between freedom of opinion and flirting with the ideology of terrorism.' The reason for the embassy's statement was an interview conducted by the radio station with […]

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Cuban regime imposes information blockade during social protests in Guantanamo Bay

"The cries for freedom broke out again in Cuba on the night of Sunday, May 7. [...] Slogans already used during the 11J [July 11th] movement, in 2021, and during last year's summer protests were once again heard loud in Caimanera, an eastern municipality located next to the Guantánamo naval base. Hundreds of people took […]