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Projects on U.S.-Mexico border, development in Brazil win Online Journalism Awards

A student project that explored the migratory effects caused by drug violence along the U.S.-Mexico border and a comprehensive reporting package on the ongoing development of Paraná state in Brazil won the Online News Association’s 2012 awards for non-English projects during the ONA’s latest conference in San Francisco.

Venezuelan journalists hope to improve future election coverage with recommendations

Including alternative voices, differentiating between government and campaign acts, and in-depth reports on the trajectory of the candidates were some of the recommendations compiled by a group of Venezuelan journalists.

Fists fly as Brazilian journalists face attacks while covering municipal elections

Hostilities against journalists and bloggers in Brazil leading up to municipal elections do not stop at censorship; media professionals also face a rise in attacks by candidate supporters.

Conflicting versions of campaign confrontation show media polarization in Venezuela

Conflicting versions of a violent confrontation between supporters of President Hugo Chávez and opposition presidential candidate Henrique Capriles demonstrate the polarization of the press in Venezuela less than a month from the elections.

Bomb explosion levels radio station in Brazil

In the morning of Thursday, Sept. 13, two men broke into the offices of Rádio Farol in the northeastern city of União dos Palmares in Brazil and planted a bomb that exploded, destroying the broadcaster's studio, reported the newspaper Tribuna Hoje.

Television host threatened in Ecuador after airing investigation into President Correa's cousin

An Ecuadorian reporter was allegedly threatened for broadcasting an investigation accusing President Rafael Correa's cousin of irregularities, reported Fundamedios.

Argentine newspapers lash out at government "thought police" survey on media preferences

The Federal Administration of Public Incomes (AFIP in Spanish) in Argentina has come under fire for a controversial survey on Argentines' media and journalistic personality preferences, reported the newspaper El Día.

Newspaper editions accusing Brazilian mayoral candidate of vote buying vanish from newsstands

Residents of Itaboraí, Rio de Janeiro went without the newspaper O Dia on Sept. 4 and 5, after copies of the publication bearing accusations against mayoral candidate Altineu Côrtes disappeared from newsstands, reported the website Brasil 247.

Haitian prime minister's claim of defamation rejected by American-based journalist

A journalist based in the United States has rejected claims by Haitian Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe that he was defamed by the reporter for Haiti-Observateur, said Associated Press (AP) on Thursday, Sept. 13.

Mayoral candidates across Brazil attempt to block publication of voter polls

Attempts to block the publication of voter polls were met with mixed results leading up to Brazil's municipal elections, reported the newspaper O Globo.