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Social Media Likes, Hearts and Thumbs Ups Background

Project helps journalists understand and defend themselves against misapplied social media regulations

The Linterna Verde [Green Lantern] organization launched, at the end of 2021, the Circuito [Circuit] project — a resource center to help content creators understand platforms' copyright rules and defend themselves in case they are wrongly sanctioned. We interviewed its creators to learn more.

Equipe da COAR comemora seleção para projeto Acelerando a Transformação Digital

Coar fact-checking project focuses on news deserts in Northern and Northeastern Brazil

Coar is a fact-checking project focused on Brazil's Northern and Northeastern regions, where there is a higher incidence of cities without news outlets -- news deserts. With limited resources, Coar relies on partnerships with radio stations, TV stations, and regional websites to make news checking more accessible.