BANNER Jorge Ramos and Borja Echevarría

‘This is not a profession for people who want to be silent,’ says Univision’s Jorge Ramos on journalists’ role when democracy is at risk

The main responsibilities of a journalist should be to report reality as it is and to serve as a counterweight to power without being afraid to take a stand in the face of acts of authoritarianism, human rights violations and corruption, said the journalist in a conversation with the managing editor of El País, Borja Echevarría.

Mental Health panel at ISOJ

'Mental health is a press freedom issue': Experts discussed the importance of well-being for journalists at ISOJ symposium

The well-being and mental health of journalists was the topic of one of the panels during the ISOJ Symposium on April 1 and 2. Experts discussed how the media is indebted to seriously address the discussion that will ultimately lead to better journalism.

Fact-checking panel at Coloquio Iberoamericano

Collaboration among fact-checkers has made a difference during recent disinformation crises, said fact-checkers from Latin America and Spain

Collaboration among notable fact-checking organizations from Latin America and Spain has made possible important global data verification initiatives such as LATAMChequea, #CoronaVirusFacts Alliance and, more recently, #UkraineFacts.

A woman in front of a screen doing a presentation

Four ways news organizations can increase trust and participation with consumers

Members of the Center for Media Engagement (CME) at the University of Texas at Austin presented their research about how to better connect with communities and promote trust with news consumers during a Research Breakfast at the 2022 International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ).

Three women on stage at ISOJ 2022

Professionals outline revenue possibilities for digital media outlets at ISOJ 2022

April Brumley Hingle, director of financial resources at The Texas Tribune, and Janine Warner, co-founder of SembraMedia, were the guests of ISOJ 2022 for a conversation about subscriptions, events, products, and tips on how to diversify revenue from news outlets.

Richard Gingras standing on stage at ISOJ 2022

Google news executive warns that newsrooms have to proceed with caution as they dive further into evolving digital media environment

Google’s global vice president of news warned that the current media environment stifles a diversity of voices and in-depth journalism, but worries blanket regulations are not the answer. Richard Gingras’ keynote speech at the International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) in Austin, Texas, brought attention to questions about the use of more digital media in newsrooms and some of the troubling patterns he has seen in their adoption.

Four women and one man on stage at ISOJ 2022

Fact-checking initiative Factchequeado aims to combat misinformation in Hispanic communities in the US

Journalists need to collaborate and form alliances to help counter misinformation in Hispanic communities, according to fact-checkers during a panel at the 2022 International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ) on April 1. The panel explored the need for verified, reliable information amongst Hispanics and announced the launch of Factchequeado, a project created to help fill the gap.

A woman and two men share ISOJ research award on stage

Researchers reflect on how artificial intelligence influences the generation and distribution of news and its ethical implications

The official research journal of the International Online Journalism Symposium (ISOJ) presented in a panel the peer-reviewed official research publications about artificial intelligence (AI) and its growing interconnection with news and journalism.

Man standing in front of a screen

Google tools help journalists become more efficient, adept storytellers

Google tools can help journalists more quickly and adeptly tell important stories in their communities, according to Marco Túlio Pires, a leader at the company’s News Lab. During a Google News Initiative workshop at the 2022 International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ), Pires walked through various tools and explained how journalists can use them to advance their reporting. 

Gina Chua standing on stage at ISOJ 2022

In addition to representation, it is necessary to increase sensitivity in newsrooms, says Gina Chua

The question “What is news?” guided journalist Gina Chua during her keynote on the second day of the 23rd International Symposium on Online Journalism (ISOJ). With a 30-year plus career, the current executive editor at Reuters and soon to be executive editor at the media startup Semafor spoke about technology and representation as a means of rethinking news production.