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Mexican journalist describes the effects of impunity in the dangerous state of Veracruz

In a recent interview with the International Press Institute (IPI) and Transparency International (TI), Mexican journalist Jorge Carrasco, safety and justice correspondent for news magazine Proceso, spoke about the 2012 killing of her colleague Regina Martínez

Inter-American Court’s defamation decision represents blow to freedom of expression in Argentina, CPJ says

The Inter-American Court of Human Rights, the autonomous regional court under the Organization of American States, has decided for the first time that criminal defamation doesn’t affect freedom of expression in an unprecedented ruling that the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ) called a major setback for the region.

1st edition of the Gabriel García Márquez Award honors journalists in Mexico, Nicaragua, Brasil and Colombia

After having received 1,379 submissions from Latin America and the Iberian Peninsula, the International Gabriel García Márquez Journalism Awards announced on Wednesday the winners of its first edition. They are journalists Alejandro Almazán, Esteban Felix, Lucio Castro and Olga Lucía Lozano.

New app allows journalists in Mexico and Colombia to report attacks in real time

Using a new application for Android phones, any journalist in Mexico and Colombia can report real-time attacks to organizations dedicated to protecting freedom of expression, reported newspaper El Universal.

Political activists threaten journalist in Veracruz, Mexico

Organizations, citizens and academics in Mexico denounced last week the ongoing threats that journalist Norma Trujillo has been receiving since Nov. 6 from the group of political activists Antorcha Campensina, reported Spanish newspaper El País.

28 journalists attacked with pepper spray in Guatemala

Media outlets in Guatemala protested against authorities for the pepper spray attacks that 28 journalists suffered in two occasions while trying to interview Roberto Barreda -- the son of former Chief Justice Beatriz de León -- who is accused of the disappearance and murder of his wife Cristina Siekavizza in 2011, Cerigua reported.

11th Austin Forum: culture of secrecy, lack of training are the biggest obstacles to transparency in the Americas

The biggest obstacles to transparency in Latin America and the Caribbean are the region’s enduring culture of secrecy, the infrequent use of right-to-information laws and the lack of training on how to use them effectively

Jamaica fully abolishes criminal defamation, an unprecedented legislative action in the Caribbean

The Jamaican Parliament passed a bill on Nov. 5 that fully abolishes criminal defamation within the nation. The move is unprecedented in the Caribbean, where international and local organizations have pressured the region's governments to draft similar legislation.

Director of controversial documentary receives new death threats, blames Mexico City judge

Roberto Hernández, the Mexican director of the controversial documentary “Presunto Culpable,” reported on Monday having received new death threats and is accusing the president of Mexico City's Court of Justice, Edgar Elías Azar, of being behind them, Aristegui Noticias reported. 

Transparency laws present professional, institutional challenges in Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua

After decades of a culture of virtually impenetrable secrecy within the Mexican government, in 2002 Mexico passed the Federal Access to Information and Personal Data Protection Act. Since then, it has become an often-cited model of how other governments should draft their own transparency laws.