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Winning students from 'Introduction to Programming' MOOC attend exclusive workshop at Google São Paulo

Fifteen journalists who participated in the online course "Introduction to Programming" were at Google offices in São Paulo on Feb. 19 for an exclusive Python workshop. They were able to deepen what they learned in the Knight Center course with instructors Pedro Burgos and Álvaro Justen.

Students from Portuguese MOOC 'Introduction to Programming' create their own programs and receive grants for workshop at Google

Scripts that compile data on political candidates' assets, send e-mails alerting you about schedules for women's soccer games or minimize the risks of password theft and other sensitive information. Robots that Tweet the votes of senators on legislative proposals or that follow bills on women's rights in the House. These were some of the final projects developed by journalists who started programming after the Portuguese MOOC "Introduction to Programming: Python for Journalists," offered by the Knight Center with the sup

How Argentina’s La Nación became a data journalism powerhouse in Latin America

This story is part of a series on Innovative Journalism in Latin America and the Caribbean.(*)   In 2010, political reporter Diego Cabot of Argentina's La Nación received a leak with the potential of shaking up one of the key ministries of President Cristina Kirchner's first term. It was a CD with 26,000 e-mails from the […]

What to do after losing your job at a newspaper: Brazilian reporter creates a profitable startup and hires 20 journalists

When he was laid off from Folha de S. Paulo in 2014, political reporter and columnist Fernando Rodrigues did not stop his behind-the-scenes coverage of power in Brasilia. He continued to write for his blog, which he had kept for 14 years, and to participate in a radio show. Shortly thereafter, he launched his own company, an innovative startup that has been growing, making profits and hiring journalists.

Panama Papers: Mar Cabra, ICIJ's data editor, talks about challenges of analyzing 11 million documents

The Panama Papers, the biggest leak in journalism’s history, led to a global investigative effort joined by about 100 Latin American journalists who were able to untangle how fiscal paradises work. Under the leadership of Spanish journalist Mar Cabra, the global data team from the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) was the brain behind the investigation that required an analysis of 11.5 million documents; the team proved that knowing how to deal with big data has become essential to investi

Employees protest censorship after CEO of media state company was replaced by interim president in Brazil

Professionals of Brazil Communications Company (EBC) that manage the Brazilian public TV channels and radio participated in a ceremony on May 20th to denounce the alleged censorship that has being happening since the change of CEO of the company, defined by interim president Michel Temer. The information is on the website Rede Brasil Atual.

Daylong suspension of WhatsApp affects journalists and media in Brazil

Due to a judicial order, service of WhatsApp was blocked for one day starting May 2 for about 100 million Brazilians who use the messaging application. The measure had immediate repercussions among journalists who are accustomed to using the application for communication and also on news organizations that use it to distribute information and interact with readers.

Documents show involvement of JBS company in defamation campaign against Brazilian journalist

Documents obtained by judicial order show that the company JBS, one of the largest food company in the world, and another company contracted by it in 2015 sponsored a smear campaign against Brazilian journalist and founder of the nonprofit organization Reporter Brazil, Leonardo Sakamoto. The information was published by Folha de S. Paulo on April 8.

Editor of Brazilian magazine Época defends national coverage of country’s corruption investigation

Since Operation Car Wash began in March 2014, it has dominated the political agenda in Brazil. Considered by the Federal Police as the biggest corruption investigation ever undertaken in the country, its coverage is a challenge even for experienced journalists, like the editor in chief of Época magazine, Diego Escosteguy.

After retiring from Brazilian newspaper Folha, renowned reporter Elvira Lobato releases first major independent investigation

A full-time reporter. That is how Elvira Lobato, one of the most award-winning and prestigious journalists in Brazil with 39 years dedicated to print journalism, described herself. Even after deciding to retire from Folha de São Paulo in 2011, where she was a special reporter and worked for 27 years, her “destiny” to investigate would not allow her to leave the field. In February, Lobato published a series of reports on television concessions in the Amazon in partnership with independent news site Agência Publica.