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Most attacks against journalists during summer protests in Brazil were intentional, report found

In a report published last week, the Brazilian Association for Investigative Journalism (Abraji) found that 70 of the 113 cases of aggressions against journalists during the protests in Brazil that began in June this year were intentional

For the first time in Brazil, news site distributes journalism grants through panel of crowdfunding donors

The initiative is unheard of in Brazil: Distributing grants for independent investigative reporting and using online crowdfunding to collect the money. The news site Agência Pública announced last Friday, Sep. 20 -- a day before the deadline -- that it had raised the necessary amount to fund its project.

Armed men kidnap and threaten owner of news portal in Campo Grande, Brazil

Journalist Antônio Fabiano Portilho Coene, the owner of news Portal i9 was kidnapped on Monday Sept. 9 by armed men in the city of Campo Grande in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, website Diario do Estado informed.

In new case of judicial censorship, two Brazilian papers are barred from citing politician’s name

A Brazilian court has prohibited Diario de Pernambuco and Jornal do Commercio, two of the largest newspapers in the state of Pernambuco, from mentioning the name or show pictures of the president of the state’s Legislative Assembly, Guilherme Uchoa, news portal Terra reported. The decision also applies to Brazilian station TV Clube.

Newsprint shortage forces regional dailies to skip editions in Venezuela

The current shortage of newsprint in Venezuela has caused a crisis among print publications that is hurting regional newspapers the most. According to El País, at least three regional dailies have been forced to suspend their operations since early August due to the lack of printing paper. Some of the affected newspapers have circulated for decades, like El Sol, in the city of Maturín, in the state of Monagas, and Antorcha, in El Tigre, in the state of Anzoátegui.

Mídia NINJA: an alternative journalism phenomenon that emerged from the protests in Brazil

A media phenomenon has emerged in Brazil in the wake of the massive protests that are spreading throughout the country since June. The news collective Mídia NINJA, broadcasting live from the streets with its "no cuts, no censorship" model, has attracted the attention and admiration of thousands of people in the last few weeks.

Freedom of expression, an unfulfilled promise in Brazil

Since the end of the military dictatorship in 1985, Brazil has been known as a free country regarding free speech and access to information. Although both rights are guaranteed in the Constitution of 1988, there is a disturbing distance between the words written on paper and their implementation in practice.

Mass layoffs in Brazilian media generate uncertainty for future of journalism

In the last months, the term "passaralho" has been echoed throughout newsrooms in Brazil. This term for those fired from their jobs in the media has gained ground due to numerous cuts that the country's major dailies and magazines -- including O Estado de S. Paulo, Valor Econônomico, Folha de S. Paulo, and the Abril publishing house --  have announced since March.

Director of Brazilian daily is killed with 40 gunshots

José Roberto Ornelas de Lemos, director and son of the owner of the Brazilian daily Hora H -- which covers the Baixada Fluminense region in the state of Rio de Janeiro -- was killed with 44 gunshots in the city of Nova Iguaçu on the night of Tuesday, June 11, reported the news site Uol.

Brazilian journalist ordered to pay $95k fine to state governor for accusations in his blog

The State Court of Goiânia on Tuesday ordered journalist Luiz Carlos Bordoni to pay a $95,000 fine for damages against governor of Goiás, Marconi Perillo, reported news portal Terra.