Join LatAm Journalism Review and IWMF in recognizing brave women journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean



The Knight Center's LatAm Journalism Review is once again calling on its community of readers and journalists to highlight the work of women journalists in Latin America and the Caribbean. For the fourth year, it is participating in the Women Journo Heroes campaign, led by the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF). For the month of October, the IWMF is asking for the community's collaboration to honor women journalists across the world, sharing photos and stories of these brave women through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms.

From the IWMF: “Amid a global pandemic and a reckoning for racial justice, women journalists remain at the front lines of crises around the world. Yet their voices are under attack – women journalists around the world are targeted online and off simply for doing their jobs. Together, let’s use this month to show women journos that we see them, we appreciate them, and we celebrate them....This year, we’ll be highlighting women at the forefront of reporting on COVID-19 and civil unrest…”

We have asked journalists from the region to tell us about women journalists they admire. These comments and stories will be shared daily on our social media accounts with the hashtag #JournoHeroes.

Please join the campaign and tell us about a woman journalist who inspires you.

Below is the growing list of #JournoHeroes named by our community this year.







#JournoHeroes Luciana Barreto ENG



#JournoHeroes Iliana Hernández ENG



#JournoHeroes Jessica Avalos ENG



#JournoHeroes Camila Acosta ENG


#JournoHeroes Priscila Hernandez Flores ENG (1)



#JournoHeroes Sashenka Gutierrez ENG


#JournoHeroes Cecilia Olliveira ENG



#JournoHeroes ELDA CANTU ENG



#Journoheroes Rutas del Conflicto ENG (2)



Fabiola Torres #JournoHeroes