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Two imposing floats parade while costumed people dance between them. Along the sides, spectators enthusiastically watch the parade from the stands. In the background, the Apoteose monument stands out

How to cover Brazilian Carnival: Specialized journalists give tips and warnings

Reporting on Carnival, the biggest Brazilian popular event, involves everything from understanding social dynamics that are often invisible, to particular physical demands. LJR spoke to journalists who specialize in the subject for advice on how to cover the festivities.

Rafael Soares, a journalist with brown hair and a beard, seen in the newsroom of O Globo and Extra newspapers, holding a notepad

‘It takes brutal courage’: How Rafael Soares specialized in covering police violence in Rio de Janeiro

Covering executions committed by police officers, how former members of the force become professional killers, and how they form organizations comparable to the mafia: this is the specialty of Rafael Soares, a 32-year-old reporter from the newspapers O Globo and Extra who says he does not feel fear. After the podcast "Pistoleiros," he has just released his first book, "Milicianos."

Two volumes of The Tico Times, one red and one green

Personal archive of late Tico Times publisher finds new home at Texas library

For decades, The Tico Times newspaper has covered Costa Rica and Central America for an English-speaking audience. After former publisher and editor Dery Dyer passed away in 2020, a concerned former journalist of the publication helped to find her old boss’ archive a new home.