10 journalists murdered in Latin America in first half of 2023, Press Emblem Campaign reports

"Fewer journalists were killed in the first six months of this year, the Press Emblem Campaign (PEC) said on Thursday [July 6, 2023]. Since January, 27 journalists have paid for their profession with their lives in 17 countries. This is the lowest figure recorded in more than 15 years.


From January up to June 30, the number of victims was the highest in Mexico, with four murders. Mexico remains the most dangerous country for journalists, due to an ongoing climate of violence. Three journalists were murdered in Cameroon. There were two victims in Afghanistan, two in Bangladesh, two in Haiti, two in India, and two in Ukraine.

The PEC also recorded one victim in each of the following countries: Argentina, Canada, Colombia, Guatemala, Lesotho, Pakistan, Paraguay, Philippines, Rwanda, and the United States of America.

Although the number of deaths is falling, arbitrary arrests, beatings, threats and censorship continue to be the lot of many journalists on every continent […]."

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