18 news organizations to join ICFJ’s news business hub 'Elevate' in 2022, including 7 from Latin America and Spain

  • Source: ICFJ
  • April 19, 2022

"Eighteen news outlets - in six regions of the world - will receive tailored support from a wide spectrum of entrepreneurial leaders and experts as part of Elevate, ICFJ’s news business hub. The goal is to help these small and medium news organizations become financially viable and serve their communities well into the future.

Elevate’s first cohort will work directly with a brain trust of key advisors and mentors: executives from the corporate world, technologists and top-notch journalism trainers, as well as a leading media investor and a prominent university specializing in entrepreneurship. This team will work with Elevate participants to sharpen their skills and address specific pain points standing in the way of growth. The news outlets also will be eligible for grant funding from ICFJ to pursue innovative solutions to business challenges."

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