Abductor of Ecuadorian journalists from newspaper El Comercio sentenced to prison in Colombia

“The Office of the Attorney General of the Nation [Colombia] obtained a 28-year prison sentence against Gustavo Angulo Arboleda, alias 'Cherry,' for his participation in the abduction and custody of a journalistic team from newspaper El Comercio of Ecuador, whom were later assassinated in events that occurred between March and April 2018.

According to the evidence, the victims were detained by members of the dissident group of the FARC 'Oliver Sinisterra' in the province of Esmeraldas (Ecuador), on March 26, 2018. Later, they were transferred to Colombian territory and handed over to alias 'Cherry,' who presented them to the then-head of the organization, Walter Patricio Arizala Vernaza, alias 'Guacho.'

In the investigation, led by a prosecutor from the Special Directorate against Criminal Organizations, it was established that Angulo Arboleda was part of the so-called first ring that was in charge of guarding the abducted team, until 'Guacho' ordered the murders of reporter Javier Ortega, photographer Paúl Rivas and driver Efraín Segarra."


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