Abraji repudiates councilmember's stoning attack on journalist in Brazil

"Journalist Alexandre Megale, from Ouro Fino (Minas Gerais, Brazil), was attacked on May 16, by councilmember Paulo Luiz de Cantuária (...). The politician closed in on the journalist's motorcycle with his car and then threw stones at his head.

According to Megale, Cantuária even picked up a bigger rock with both hands to hit him again while he was down. The councilmember, however, stopped when he heard someone shouting his name and fled the scene, leaving Megale unconscious. The journalist was taken to the emergency room and released without serious injuries, since his helmet cushioned most of the blows. His hand was injured while trying to defend himself.

Megale has an internet channel, Sul das Gerais, where he posts texts and videos. He did a report on the councilmember, who had been sentenced to 16 years in prison for rape of a vulnerable child. The case was kept secret in order to protect the victim's name, but the journalist had access to the ruling."

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