Accusations of Russian Embassy in Colombia against W Radio threaten freedom of expression, Prisa Media says

"Prisa Media [...] expressed Friday [May 26] its rejection to a press release in which the Russian Embassy in Colombia accuses W Radio for not 'drawing a clear line between freedom of opinion and flirting with the ideology of terrorism.' The reason for the embassy's statement was an interview conducted by the radio station with former Russian lower house deputy Ilya Ponomarev, titled 'Moscow Regime is going to fall after losing the war against Ukraine: Ilya Ponomarev' and broadcast Wednesday [May 24].

'Prisa Media [owner of the station] rejects the terms of the press release issued by the Russian Embassy in Colombia against W Radio [...]. The exercise of journalism is guided by the ethical principles of the profession and not by the interests of the parties in conflict. We consider that the comments of the Russian embassy pointing to W Radio as an inciter of terrorism is a threat against freedom of expression'.


In response to the interview with Ponomarev, the following day, the Russian Embassy published [...] the statement that reads: 'The Russian Embassy in Colombia expresses its deepest indignation for the journalistic material,' which it describes as 'extremist.' It also calls on W Radio to 'actively condemn extremist ideas promoted by such hateful material.'"

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