Agência Pública from Brazil launches book with behind-the-scenes stories from its 10 years of investigative journalism

“In late 2010, Wikileaks shocked the world with the release of Cablegate, the leak of thousands of telegrams exchanged between the United States and its embassies around the world that laid bare international diplomacy, revealing the true interests of the US government and other countries. Among the journalists who participated in this gigantic scoop was Natalia Viana, the only Brazilian, who, in addition to the Cablegate documents referring to Brazil, brought in her luggage a new way of doing journalism, outside the chains of corporate media that was going through a violent economic crisis caused by the Internet.

This is one of the stories told in the book 'Furos, Mentiras e Segredos Revelados – 10 anos de reportagens da Agência Pública' (Holes, Lies and Secrets Revealed – 10 Years of Agência Pública Reports), published in partnership with the Editora Elefante, which is already on presale with a discount. With a prologue by Fabiana de Moraes and an introduction by Eugênio Bucci –both professors, journalists and advisers to Pública– and a postscript by journalist Carlos Azevedo, the book narrates in ten chapters what the news outlet has learned and experienced since its founding. The news outlet was inspired by Wikileaks and the great masters of journalism, and went on to consolidate a new sustainable and independent model of doing quality investigative journalism, relevant to democracy, human rights and the fight against inequality.”

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