El Salvador: Apple sends state-sponsored spy alert to 12 members of El Faro

  • Source: El Faro
  • November 24, 2021

The US company Apple sent an email "to a very small number of users" of iPhone phones in which it warns of "possible espionage" and points out "attackers sponsored by the State" as suspects. Through the email that was sent on Tuesday Nov. 23 in the afternoon, the company described its message as urgent due to the likelihood that the attackers could “remotely compromise the iPhone.” According to an official company statement issued the same day, the attacks are individually targeting journalists, academics and activists. According to the email received by 12 people from El Faro, the attack may be "due to who you are or what you do." The English header reads: "ALERT: State sponsored attackers may be targeting your Iphone."

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