Arbitrary arrests and interrogations among main forms of repression against journalists in Cuba in first half of 2023, according to report

"The organization Article 19 denounced patterns of aggression and repressive and inhibitory strategies against freedom of expression by the Cuban government during the last six months. Its most recent report 'Freedom of expression in Cuba: Semiannual analysis' records and systematizes aggressions against independent journalists and human rights activists. It also studies restrictive regulatory frameworks and repressive State practices [...].

'During this semester, we have found that freedom of expression [in Cuba] is far from being a guaranteed right and a free practice, which is typical of any democracy and rule of law. A continuity and intensification of repression against independent journalists and human rights activists who make use of digital and public spaces to exercise their rights continues to prevail,' said the organization in a press release [dated Aug. 24].

‘Aggressions to inhibit and limit investigative, journalistic and activist work in Cuba come from the State and have a systematic character. These are mainly arbitrary detentions, summons to interrogations, house arrest, suppression of internet service, harassment, forced exile, immigration regulation, public discrediting and criminalization, acts of repudiation, imprisonment, and exemplary criminal conviction,’ Article 19 said."

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