Argentina: Businessman threatens journalist with legal action over news report

"The Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA, by its Spanish acronym) expressed its solidarity with a journalist from [digital news outlet] iProfesional, Andrés Sanguinetti, 'who was threatened by a businessman with a civil and criminal lawsuit if he does not retract and remove a publication.'

[...] 'The iProfesional colleague received a letter from the businessman Pablo Otero, owner of Tabacalera Sarandí, in which he is ordered to retract what he wrote about him and to delete his article from the web. In addition, Andrés Sanguinetti denounced that he has received calls from people linked to Otero suggesting him not to insist on writing about the subject,' FOPEA said in a statement.


The article in question was published on March 12, 2024. [...] It mentions Pablo Otero, owner of Tabacalera Sarandí, who for several years has been allegedly commercializing the brands produced by his company without the corresponding payment of taxes [...]."

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