Argentina: Journalist denounces threats and harassment after questioning mayor

  • Source: FOPEA
  • March 14, 2022

"The Argentine Journalism Forum (FOPEA) expressed solidarity with journalist Jimena Villar, from media outlet chivilcoyaldia.com.ar, who denounced feeling 'threatened and harassed' by the mayor of the city [of Chivilcoy], as well as officials and councilors from the ruling party.

The incident originated after a teacher posted a complaint on the news outlet about the condition of local streets, which were impassable on her way to the rural school in which she teaches, following a heavy storm. The mayor himself, Guillermo Britos, gave a press conference to deny it, and later on social media accused "haters" and of those who "complain of a little water on stones," referring to those who had noticed the shortcoming.

Journalist Jimena Villar questioned in an opinion piece the disproportionate response by the mayor. After that, she began to be harassed by militants from the ruling party and by councilwoman Florencia Valvoli, who accused her of being 'militant' and 'talking nonsense.'"

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