Argentina: Journalists' association condemns second attack on a TV channel in two weeks

  • Source: DW
  • January 2, 2023

"A new shooting attack at the offices of Televisión Litoral in the city of Rosario, Argentina -the second attack in two weeks- was condemned on Dec. 29, 2022 by the main news organizations in the country. This happened in the context of an environment of insecurity related to drug trafficking that affects the city.

'This new attack adds up to other incidents of direct and personal threats against journalists, and intimidation to reporters, photographers and cameramen who cover security incidents linked to drug traffickers,' said in a statement the Association of Argentine Journalistic Organizations (ADEPA, by its Spanish acronym), the most important journalism institution in the country.

On the night of Dec. 28, the offices of the multimedia group Televisión Litoral (TVL) were shot at from a car, after another similar event two weeks ago. 'A few meters from there, there was a police car, parked at the place as part of the security arranged after the previous attack against TVL, in the early hours of Dec. 12 of last year. Unlike what happened on that occasion, this time the attack endangered the lives of staff members who were in the channel's premises. There were no fatalities or injuries, but serious risk existed,' ADEPA said."

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