Argentina: 'Never again a journalist assassinated'

  • Source: Télam
  • January 27, 2022

"The Association of Graphic Reporters of the Argentine Republic (Argra) commemorated this Jan. 25 [...] the 25th anniversary of the murder of photographer José Luis Cabezas. The organizers of the memorial said the crime against the journalist was "an act to intimidate journalism and society."

The event was also attended by representatives of press unions, under the slogan "There is no democracy without justice. There is no justice without truth and there is no truth without memory."

"On Jan. 25, 1997, José Luis was found handcuffed, he appeared to have been brutally beaten, with two shots to the head, inside his burnt-out car, in a vacant lot on General Madariaga," Eva Cabrera, a photojournalist from the Télam agency and the first woman to ever preside over Argra, began thus her speech."