Argentine journalist Daniel Santoro charged in case for alleged extortion attempt

"Federal judge Luis Rodríguez charged journalist Daniel Santoro for an alleged attempt to extort businessman Daniel Traficante. The magistrate's decision included an embargo of 850,000 pesos (about US $9,100) without preventive detention, according to the ruling.

Rodríguez considered that Santoro was a 'necessary participant' in the maneuver in which -according to the complaint- Traficante was asked to pay 600 thousand dollars to avoid being involved in the legal case for smuggling of goods known as the 'container mafia.'


Daniel Santoro took to social networks to refer to the magistrate's measure. 'Judge Luis Rodríguez processed me without a single piece of proof that I participated or knew of an extortion attempt,' he said on his Twitter account, adding: 'The absurdity is that a query I made to Traficante before publishing the article, is proof of extortion! Should I not have called you a day before publishing?'"


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