Assassinations of journalists are used to hit the government, Mexico's president claims

"President Andrés Manuel López Obrador proposed this Tuesday, March 29, that a debate be held to analyze the role of the media and social networks, since he assured that they are attacking his government. He denied that he is generating censorship, since he stressed that he's only  responding to attacks of his opponents: 'There's no way I'm keeping quiet,' he said.

He also stressed that the murders of journalists in Mexico are used by their opponents, 'because we are in a process of transformation. They even resorted to the European Parliament, many get carried away by the smear campaign, because there is a campaign against what we represent and not only in Mexico,' the president said, assuring that this happens in other countries and with international newspapers.


Regarding the wave of murders of journalists in Mexico, which so far this year has claimed eight fatalities, President López Obrador said: 'Regarding these unfortunate events that we are dealing with, but I say that there is no impunity and that we are working every day to protect citizens. We inherited a very complicated situation because there was a criminal association, a collusion between crime and authorities,' he refuted."

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