Audio attributed to Peruvian Minister of the Interior reveals alleged harassment and surveillance of journalist Marco Sifuentes

“The Minister of the Interior [of Peru], Juan José Santivañez, is once again facing scrutiny. This time, for attacking various news media. In recent weeks, journalist Beto Ortiz raised his voice in protest against the alleged surveillance of a group of journalists. Now, a complaint from the media outlet La Encerrona [allegedly] shows him, through an audio attributed to him, as a minister who does not allow contrary opinions. As if that was not enough, there were also alleged orders for surveillance against director of La Encerrona, Marco Sifuentes.

In the audio recording revealed on Wednesday, June 19, which doesn't appear to be manipulated, a voice attributed to the head of the Minister of the Interior is heard, asking (amid expletives) a character under the alias of 'doctor' to 'control' the journalistic director of said media outlet."

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