Bolivian government pledges support to assaulted journalists

  • Source: DW
  • January 13, 2023

"This Wednesday (Jan. 11), the Bolivian Government promised legal support to journalists who were victims of attacks during the mobilizations in favor and against the arrest of the governor of Santa Cruz, opposition leader Luis Fernando Camacho. The Bolivian Government also urged journalists to file criminal complaints so that these events can be investigated.

The Vice Minister of Communication, Gabriela Alcón, said that the executive government 'strongly condemns the aggressions suffered by journalists, wherever they come from' and assured that these attacks occurred in 'conflictive situations.'

Alcón said she spoke with some of the assaulted journalists and stressed the need for 'these complaints that are in the media to also be prosecuted' since at the moment there are only four investigations open for these events."

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