Bolivian newspapers demand justice for six journalists kidnapped in 2021

  • Source: ANP
  • June 7, 2022

"The National Press Association (ANP, by its Spanish acronym), which represents Bolivia's leading print media, expresses deep concern over the slow progress in the investigations into the kidnapping of six journalists that borders on reprehensible impunity.

It has been 220 days since the moment [October 28, 2021] when journalists sent to a rural property located in the province of Guarayos, in the department of Santa Cruz, were kidnapped, tortured and threatened with death by some 80 hooded men, but at present only two perpetrators are in preventive detention.


The ANP demands that the Police, the Prosecutor's Office, the Judiciary, and the Ombudsman urgently attend to an issue of national interest intended to be filed into oblivion, while the victims await justice and timely reparation of damages."

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