Brazil: Amazônia Real website is censored by Amazonas Justice

"An Amazonas Court censored a feature story by Amazônia Real, forcing the agency to take it down under penalty of a fine. Published on May 14, 2021, the story 'Amazon Immersion yacht had no authorization', written by journalist Leanderson Lima, pointed out the names of the boat owners. In April of last year, in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic, the 'Amazon Immersion' event took place, with [the participation of] Brazilian and foreign tourists. During the event, the tourists visited Indigenous communities around Manaus, in the Negro River basin. The 10th Civil and Industrial Accidents Court of Manaus granted the request by businessmen Waldery Areosa Ferreira, Daniel Henrique Louzada Areosa and the company WL Sistema Amazonense de Turismo.

Since July 19, the story can no longer be found on the Amazônia Real website, in compliance with the court decision. Although only parts of the journalistic story were contested, Judge Mônica Cristina Raposo da Câmara Chaves do Carmo, from the 10th Civil and Industrial Accidents Court of Manaus, ruled in favor of taking all content down. The decision is preliminary and does not rule on the merits of the action, whose defense requests an indemnity against the agency in the amount of R$8,000. [US $1,455]."

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