Brazil: Attacks against women journalists increase 250% in September

  • Source: Abraji
  • October 13, 2022

"September marked a new record for assaults on women journalists [in Brazil] in 2022: 28 alerts were registered throughout the month, almost one per day. The figure represents a third of the total number of cases against women journalists registered throughout the year and an increase of 47.7% compared to September 2021. The data results from the monitoring of general attacks and gender-based violence against journalists, both conducted by Abraji.

Most of the attacks are related to the turmoil in the Brazilian political scenario, which was accentuated during the electoral period. Between August and September, violence against press professionals increased by 250%. Not surprisingly, 64.3% of the cases were directly related to electoral coverage and 50% of the aggressions involved political and state agents."

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