Brazil: Bolsonaristas run disinformation campaign against photojournalist who recorded attacks on January 8

"Supporters of former President Jair Bolsonaro have been promoting yet another disinformation campaign about the January 8 coup acts. This time, the target is photo reporter Adriano Machado, from the Reuters news agency. In addition to trying to blame the current government for acts caused by supporters of the former president, the Bolsonarists are now trying to create a narrative that there were press professionals inside the Planalto Palace before the vandalizing began and that they would've been in cahoots with alleged infiltrators.

The campaign against Adriano Machado began after the release of a video in which the professional appears right behind a group of people breaking through a glass door in the antechamber of the President's office - he is recording the image. Several viral posts on social media soon tried to associate the photojournalist directly with President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva and the Globo Network, claiming that Machado had infiltrated and had even led the group in order to record the images and incriminate Bolsonarists.

The supposed 'proof' of this would be the fact that Machado published photos of Lula on his Facebook page. Another indication that he would've been an 'infiltrator' is the publication on the Globo Group's G1 website of images of the attacks on the 8th made by the photojournalist. The allegations are totally out of touch with reality: Machado is a professional photo reporter and, like other colleagues, went to the site after the invasion to record the events for Reuters, an international agency that provides journalistic material to other media outlets."

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