Brazil: Court imposes censorship on Agência Pública's story on congressman

"Agência Pública was notified on Monday (Sept. 18) of a preliminary decision imposing censorship on a story about the Speaker of the House and congressman, Arthur Lira.

The decision ordering the withdrawal of the story was issued by Judge Alfeu Gonzaga Machado, of the 6th Civil Chamber of the Court of Justice of the Federal District and Territories, and is dated Sept. 7, 2023.

In the decision, the judge acknowledges that the issue of domestic violence in Brazil is serious and that the press has a role to play in informing the population, but argues that, in the case in question, the Federal Supreme Court (STF) had already acquitted Arthur Lira of the crime of injury.

However, the censored story contained new accusations by the federal deputy's ex-wife, Jullyene Lins, about other serious events that occurred in 2006 and were not analyzed by the STF."

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