Brazil: Court orders congresswoman to remove attacks against journalist Vera Magalhães on Twitter

"Judge Paulo Rogerio Santos Pinheiro, of the 43rd Civil Court of the Court of Justice of São Paulo (TJSP), Brazil, ordered federal congresswoman Carla Zambelli to remove two posts on Twitter in which she attacks journalist Vera Magalhaes. The decision was published on Saturday (Sept. 17), but on Monday morning (Sep. 19) the comments were still posted. In one of them, Zambelli repeated a phrase said by President Jair Bolsonaro during a debate on Band TV on Aug. 28: 'Vera, you are a disgrace to Brazilian journalism, you must feel some passion for me.'

In a second publication, made on Sept. 8th, the congresswoman, a Bolsonaro sympathizer, questioned whether Magalhaes acted as a 'sexist, misogynistic, Christophobic person and, indirectly, supported rape and pedophilia,' when she made a comment [in 2018] about Damares Alves, former Minister of Women, Family and Human Rights [...]. Zambelli accused Vera Magalhaes of laughing and distorting the 'sad story of rape' suffered by Alves. However, at the time, Magalhaes recanted when she learned that the episode she had commented on took place in a context of sexual abuse of minors."

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