Brazil: Reporter is threatened by armed man during a live transmission

  • Source: UOL
  • July 21, 2022

"Daniela Carla, a reporter for TV Gazeta, a TV Globo affiliate in Espírito Santo, Brazil, was threatened by an armed man during a live transmission. The fact happened during the morning show 'Bom Dia Espírito Santo.' The story was about shootings in the hills of Vitória, the state capital. While transmitting the news, Daniela suddenly stopped her narration and told [the audience] about what happened.

'We have just been threatened in Morro do Cabral. We're going to leave now, an armed man told us to leave right now. This guy here pointed a gun at me. Shortly before, one of his accomplices passed by here and told us that we had to leave,' Carla said."

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