Brazil: ICFJ and Meta launch new edition of digital business acceleration program

  • Source: ICFJ
  • January 30, 2023

"The ICFJ [International Center for Journalists], in partnership with Meta and different Brazilian media associations, is launching the Acelerando Negócios Digitais [Accelerating Digital Business] program, which aims to contribute to the improvement of business models and financial sustainability of digital and traditional news outlets (of various sizes and locations) serving Brazilian audiences. The program also aims to help them use digital tools in innovative and strategic ways to develop and grow their businesses.

The first phase of the program consists of a series of webinars with national and international experts in the areas of media and business. The goal is to help Brazilian news organizations improve their business management skills, strengthen their organization's relationship with its digital audience, develop new projects and products, generate revenue, as well as build innovative and sustainable business models. [...] In the second phase of the program, participants can sign up to receive exclusive mentoring for five months, in addition to financial support for the development of projects that can innovate or accelerate their digital business.


Those interested can check program requisites and eligibility criteria by clicking here."

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