Brazil: Jeduca compiles studies on the impact of media coverage of attacks on schools

  • Source: Jeduca
  • April 20, 2023

"As a contribution to the debate on violent attacks against schools, Jeduca [Brazilian Association of Education Journalists] has compiled research from Brazil and other countries, mainly the United States, that analyzes the impacts of media coverage of these events, especially in their dissemination.

The topic gained notoriety in recent weeks, due to the attacks on a school in São Paulo and a kindergarten in Blumenau, which triggered a wave of rumors and threats of attacks on educational institutions in various parts of Brazil, in addition to some attempted and completed attacks.

In view of the evidence that the way in which the media report this type of events may provoke other similar events, resulting from investigations carried out mainly in the United States, several media outlets have decided not to disclose details related to the attackers and the acts committed against schools. Among them are national media, such as the newspaper O Estado de S.Paulo, Grupo Globo, CNN Brazil, and local media, such as O Dia (from Rio de Janeiro) or Campo Grande News."

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