Brazil: Journalist denounces soccer team mascot for sexual harassment

"A journalist has filed a sexual harassment police report at the police station of the Beira-Rio stadium [Porto Alegre-Brazil] against the employee who serves as the mascot of Internacional [Porto Alegre soccer team].

The incident allegedly took place shortly after Inter scored the third goal against Grêmio [soccer team]. According to Gisele Kumpel, who works at Rádio Monumental, the mascot was a nuisance throughout the match. She told the police that, since the first half, the mascot was close by, making gestures. When the goal was scored, he made more gestures, then approached her, hugged her, lifted his mask, and kissed her almost on her mouth.

After the incident, Kumpel broke down in tears and sought counseling with a journalists' association, then went to the stadium police station to file a police report."

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