Brazil: Journalist Juliana Dal Piva wins appeal and is acquitted for disclosing threats by Bolsonaro's lawyer

"UOL network journalist Juliana Dal Piva was acquitted of the decision that convicted her for making public the content of messages sent to her by Frederick Wassef, a lawyer of the Bolsonaro family. The messages included discrediting statements and threats by the lawyer against the journalist.

On Thursday (April 20), the Court of Justice of São Paulo upheld Wassef's condemnation to compensate the journalist for moral damages of 10,000.00 Brazilian reals [around $1,900 US], and revoked Dal Piva's condemnation to compensate the lawyer for having disclosed prints of the conversations between them.

According to appellate judge Márcia Dalla Déa Barone, Wassef's messages were offensive and intimidating, and Dal Piva had the right to disclose them to defend herself."

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