Brazil: Judge and prosecutor in the case of influencer Mariana Ferrer sue websites and reporter for moral damages

“Judge Rudson Marcos and prosecutor Thiago Carriço, from Santa Catarina, filed actions for moral damage against journalist Schirlei Alves, from First Look Media, the company that owns The Intercept Brasil, and the publisher Notícias do Dia, from the site Santa Catarina ND+ , which published reports on the case of the influencer Mariana Ferrer.


Images of the hearing were posted by The Intercept site earlier this month. The media outlet used the phrase “wrongful rape” [without intention] to summarize the prosecution's thesis; the term was not used in the process. On the same day, the site included a note to readers clarifying that the expression was used 'to summarize the case and explain it to the lay public.'"

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