Brazil: Court determines prior censorship of report about a comedian accused of sexual harassment by eight women

  • Source: piauí
  • August 25, 2021

"Since August 12th, [Brazilian magazine] piauí has been prohibited from publishing a report on developments of the case of Marcius Melhem, the comedian accused of sexually harassing at least eight women, all of them work colleagues. ... On the 12th, Judge Tula Corrêa de Mello, from the 20th Criminal Court of Rio de Janeiro, accepted Melhem's request and ordered 'the suspension, for as long as the investigations last, of the publication of an article in piauí magazine or its respective website.' In case of non-compliance with the court order, the judge established a fine of 500 thousand reais (about US $96,000), in addition to the removal of copies of the magazine at newsstands and the removal of the article from its website."

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