Brazil: Reporter is intimidated live by two subjects who prevented her from covering transportation strike in Rio de Janeiro

  • Source: Abraji
  • February 28, 2022

"The reporter Branca Andrade, from the SBT Rio program, was intimidated by two unidentified men, who prevented her from doing a report at the Alvorada [bus] Terminal, in Barra de Tijuca, in the west of Rio de Janeiro, about a public transport strike in that city. Andrade was broadcasting live on the SBT Rio program and, for more than two minutes, tried to get away from the men, while cameraman Edson Santos recorded the scene.

Throughout the intimidation, the reporter asked the two men to step aside so she could fulfill her reporting role. With their backs to reporter Edson Santos's camera, the men stood in front of the reporter and even turned off the audio equipment. The team was only able to complete their work on the strike after calling the Military Police."

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