Brazil: Two of those arrested for the murder of Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira had government contracts

  • Source: Abraji
  • September 6, 2022

"Jânio Freitas de Souza and Otávio da Costa Oliveira, arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police a month ago for involvement in the murder of English journalist Dom Phillips and Indigenous activist Bruno Pereira, had government contracts during the administration of Mayor Dênis Linder Rojas de Paiva (União Brasil) of Atalaia do Norte, Amazonas state.

Otávio Oliveira is also the brother of Amarildo da Costa Oliveira, known as 'Pelado,' the confessed murderer of the journalist and activist.

Jânio de Souza and Otávio Oliveira held the positions of general services assistant and microscopist, respectively, in the Interior and Health departments. According to last July's payroll, both received salaries of R$ 1,212.00 (US$ 235.10) and R$ 1,750.00 (US$ 339.46). Although they were arrested by the Brazilian Federal Police on Aug. 05, 2022, the date that marked two months since the murders of Dom and Bruno, the two temporary officials were not dismissed from their posts until Sept. 01, 2022."

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