Brazilian businessman Bottura wins moral damage lawsuit against publication

"Brazilian businessman Luiz Eduardo Auricchio Bottura found an ingenious way to face the lawsuits of hundreds of customers to whom he sold his products and did not deliver. The daring engineer, trained in law, sued them all. He created a hell of a mess and came out on top. Bottura's trick, involved in thousands of lawsuits—most often as a plaintiff, varies little: he sues every lawyer, delegate, prosecutor, judge or journalist who gets in his way. It doesn't always work, but sometimes it does.

When it works, with a constellation of unknown sites, usually registered abroad or on Wikipedia, the entrepreneur's opponents are perversely exposed.


On the Feb. 1, Bottura obtained a favorable decision from the judges Theodureto Camargo (rapporteur), Alexandre Coelho (2nd Judge) and Clara Maria Araújo Xavier (3rd Judge), of the São Paulo Court of Justice, Brazil. The trio decided that this site should delete 36 news items from its collection and pay $60,000 Reales (about $11,862 USD) for alleged offenses against the businessman. The 'offenses' are the news that accurately describe what Bottura does. They are linked just below this text."

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