Brazilian congressman requests the removal of articles and interviews from YouTube that report on alleged corruption cases

  • Source: UOL
  • July 12, 2023

"The speaker of the [Brazilian] House of Representatives, Deputy Arthur Lira (PP-AL party), filed a lawsuit before the 24th Civil Court of Brasília to remove YouTube videos from the ICL Notícias program, which contains articles, interviews and critical comments against him. The lawsuit mainly refers to content published on June 6, with comments on the accusation of the alleged receipt of R $106,000 [about US $22,000] in bribes through an advisor; accusations of involvement of a Lira's assistant in the overpriced acquisition of robotics kits for schools in Alagoas; and an interview with his ex-wife, Jullyene Lira, who accuses him of several crimes.

In addition to the withdrawal of the program and 42 other videos from ICL Notícias, the parliamentarian is seeking compensation of R $300,000 [about US $62,000] for moral damages. The judge denied Lira's request that the action be carried out in secret and also that the removal of the videos from YouTube be immediate, since the summary decision could amount, according to the judge, to 'censorship of freedom of the press.' The merits of the case are still being judged."

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