Brazilian deputy files at least 11 lawsuits against journalists and communicators

  • Source: Abraji
  • October 8, 2020

"Federal deputy Bia Kicis (PSL-DF) asked for content to be removed via provisional protection at least six times, in addition to filing another five criminal cases against professionals, press outlets or social media users. The actions target reports, articles and posts about the conduct of the parliamentarian shared on journalists' social networks.

In an exclusive survey, Karen Yui Sagawa, from the Abraji team, found 46 lawsuits involving the removal of content, allegations of injuria and defamation and requests for retraction, filed by seven politicians from the government base. Among them are, ex-minister Abraham Weintraub, with 11, and state deputy Gil Diniz (without party), with eight, stand out. Another nine names were found."


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