Brazilian government launches action plan to implement IACHR measures in case of Dom Phillips murder

"In compliance with precautionary measure 449/22, issued by the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR) in July of this year, the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship [of Brazil] will hold a high-level meeting next Monday (Dec. 11), in Brasilia, with the presence of the international body, to present the action plan with the aim of complying with and implementing measures in the case of [journalist] Dom Phillips, [Indigenous activist] Bruno Pereira and members of the association União dos Povos Indígenas do Vale de Javari (UNIVAJA).

The activity [...] will mark the installation of a joint working table between the Ministry, the IACHR, representatives of the beneficiaries of the protection measures (members of UNIVAJA) and representatives of the victims Dom Phillips and Bruno Pereira [murdered in June 2022]. In addition, during the ceremony, an action plan will be launched with a view to implementing the measures issued by the IACHR. [...] The general objective of the agenda is to join forces to create mechanisms to deal with situations of serious risk of rights violations suffered by communicators, environmentalists and human rights defenders, with attention to the policies of memory, reparation and non-repetition."

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