Brazilian journalism legend Claudio Abramo would have turned 100 this week

"Journalist Claudio Abramo (1923-1987) would be 100 years old this Thursday (April 6). Considered one of the greatest names in Brazilian journalism of the 20th century, he had about four decades of career and was responsible for modernizing two of the most traditional newspapers in the country: Folha de S.Paulo and Estado de S. Paulo."


Throughout his career he has worked as a reporter, columnist, international correspondent, and has also been editorial manager and director. He took part in the art exhibition "19 Painters," at Galeria Prestes Maia, in São Paulo, in 1947.

The newsletter Jornalistas & Co. published a special edition in honor of the 100th anniversary of Claudio Abramo's birth. It did a meticulous reportage about the journalist's trajectory. It gathered testimonials from several people about Abramo: Alexandre Gambirásio, Albino Castro, Eduardo Ribeiro, Fernando Morgado, Fernando Rodrigues, Jânio de Freitas, José Maria dos Santos, Juca Kfouri, Luís Nassif, Mino Carta, Nair Keiko Suzuki, Paulo Markun, Pedro Cafardo, Ricardo Kotscho, and Roberto Müller Filho. To read the special edition of Jornalistas & Cia, click here.

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