Brazilian jury convicts four of five defendants accused of killing radio host in 2012

  • Source: g1
  • November 11, 2022

"After a three-day trial and almost ten years after the death of radio broadcaster Valério Luiz, the jury convicted four of the five accused of planning and carrying out the murder. There were declarations for the immediate arrests of Maurício Sampaio, Urbano Malta, Ademá Figueredo and Marcus Vinícius Xavier. The crime happened on July 5, 2012, when the sports commentator was leaving the radio station where he worked, in Setor Serrinha, in Goiânia.


According to the document, the guilt of the defendant Maurício Sampaio was considered of intense degree, since 'the crime was premeditated and with the purpose of silencing the victim, who exercised his freedom of expression in the conduct of a sports journalist.' As for Ademá Figueredo, his conduct was considered 'extremely serious.' As a military police officer, the sentence indicates that he 'would have a legal obligation to act as a guarantor of public security and bring public peace to citizens.'"


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