Brazil's Superior Court annuls jury decision that convicted four people for killing radio journalist Valério Luiz in 2012

"[Brazil's] Superior Court of Justice (STJ, for its acronym in Portuguese) annulled the popular jury's decision that convicted four of the five defendants accused of planning and executing the death of radio presenter Valério Luiz in 2012. The appeal was a request from the defense of Maurício Sampaio, identified as the mastermind of the crime.

In the decision, obtained by the newspaper O Popular, the Reporting Justice Daniela Teixeira acknowledged that the interrogation of Marcus Vinícius Pereira Xavier, accused of having helped in planning the murder, was carried out irregularly, as there was no subpoena for the defense of the other defendants.

As a result, all subsequent procedural acts were annulled, including the convictions.”

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