DW Akademie launches publication on reporting gender violence from a constructive perspective in Latin America

"Good journalism has the power to become a window to show the variety of opportunities that exist on the horizon, and thus contribute to the creation of new imaginaries and the construction of the social changes that we want in the world.

Under this premise, #CambiaLaHistoria [Change the Story] was born in 2021 at the hand of DW Akademie. It's a journalistic training and investigation project that, in the first instance, seeks to put the magnifying glass on an important but little reflected topic: structural forms of gender violence.


The publication 'Change the story! How to report gender violence from a constructive perspective' aims to contribute to the discussion on journalism with a constructive perspective that emerges from Latin America, through diverse voices that have explored this approach from various places and contexts. Based on their experience, they tell us about their findings, potential, and also the limitations they see in this current."


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