Chilean media group sues Google for 'abuse of a quasi-monopoly position' in advertising and search engine markets

“On March 7, the Copesa media conglomerate – which includes media outlets such as La Tercera and La Cuarta – filed a lawsuit against Google before the Court for the Defense of Free Competition (TDLC, for its acronym in Spanish), for 'abuse of a quasi-monopoly position' in the online search engine and digital advertising markets.

The action taken argues that Google carries out 'anti-competitive, exploitative, exclusive and unfair competition' practices that harm the media group's income, for which they request that a sanction of US $48.5 million be applied.

In turn, the plaintiffs demand that Google refrain from carrying out conduct 'that has the purpose or effect of preventing, hindering or restricting the participation of Copesa's press media in the online newspaper/news publication market in Chile; that imply an anti-competitive reduction in the income of Copesa's online press media; or that result in another competitive disadvantage that harms our client."

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